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We've put together a collection of useful information that will help you improve energy performance. Any facility manager, property owner, policy maker, student or building user will find the following free tools and resources extremely useful.

If what you need isn't here, please contact us at info@energysolutions.co.nz and we'll be happy to help you out.

Example Type 2 Energy Audit

Energy audits provided by Energy Solutions Ltd are renowned as being of the highest quality. We provide more detailed and more specific energy audits than is standard. Get a copy of our typical Type 2 energy audit report:

pdf Bloggsville Motor Inn

Example Type 1 Energy Audit

Type 1 energy audits are a great way to quickly determine the extent of potential energy savings available. Get a copy of our typical Type 1 energy audit report:

pdfBloggs Hardware

Example Energy Management Plan

Action Plans provided by Energy Solutions Ltd assist organisations to develop an effective energy management programme. Each action plan is individually tailored to suit the organisation. Get a copy of our simplified management plan to give you some ideas about what should be included in a more detailed plan:

pdfEnergy Management Plan Guidelines

Top 10 Energy Saving Tips

We have helped dozens of organisations achieve energy savings. It seems that time and time again the same energy saving measures are possible. Get a copy of the 10 most commonly identified saving measures:

pdfEnergy Savings Tips

Problem Diagnosis

Is your building using way too much energy or not as comfortable as it should be? Some of the easily noticed symptoms of poorly performing buildings can be linked to some serious energy problems. Use this simple guide to see if there may be something wrong with your building:

pdfWhat’s Happening in Your Building


Over the years we have written many conference papers and journal articles. Here's a selection of some:

The Problem with Payback

A detailed analysis of the merits of using different financial indicators for analysing the worth of energy savings. It shows how simple payback can sometimes be misleading.

pdfPayback Problem

New Zealand's Energy Efficiency Potential - A "Top Down" Analysis

Very large savings from energy efficiency are possible in New Zealand. This study, using assumptions believed to be realistic and conservative, shows that, for "fast" implementation of efficiency, a cumulative benefit of up to $75 billion could be achieved by 2020, at a cost of only $12 billion.

pdfNew Zealand’s Energy Efficiency Potential

Least-Cost Energy Efficient Design

Optimal Value Engineering is a discipline that enables designers to specify the most cost-effective (least cost) design, depending on the specific project financial parameters. The "optimal design" process will produce the best building for the lowest cost.

pdfLeast-Cost Energy Efficient Design

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