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Energy Management

cumulative gas savingsEnergy Management is a set of interrelated or interacting elements to establish an energy policy and energy objectives, and processes and procedures to achieve those objectives. [Source: ISO 50001]

Guaranteed savings

cumulative gas savingsWe guarantee that the savings we identify will be more than our fees for the project. If not, we will refund our fees to the extent of the difference. So far, every project has identified more than enough savings to meet the guarantee.


cumulative gas savingsEnergy Solutions helps clients with designing energy management systems and organisational plans that meet/exceed ISO 50001 standards and target reduced energy consumption, carbon emissions and energy costs. The aim of the developed plan is for continual improvement: a recurring process which results in enhancement of energy performance and energy management systems [Source: ISO 50001].

Measurement And Verification of savings

We are skilled in verifying actual energy savings, using the techniques documented in the International (Energy) Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) administered by the Efficiency Valuation Organisation.

cumulative gas savingsWe provide verification of savings in our own projects, and offer these services to other organisations who desire independent third-party verification of energy savings from their projects.
Verification requires agreeing on a "baseline" of energy use that was occurring before the savings projects were completed, and the factors that influence that use (e.g. total area of buildings, or outdoor temperatures for heating and cooling savings projects). Then the actual energy use, and the factors are tracked, and the savings determined as the difference between the baseline (adjusted for the agreed factors) and the actual usage.

Services / Energy Audits and Projects

Energy Audits

systematic analysis

Energy Audits are the systematic analysis of energy use and consumption of audited objects, in order to assess current energy use and identify, quantify and report on opportunities for improved energy performance. [Source: NZS3598.1:2014]

We have completed over 130 energy audits across New Zealand. Recent projects have included:

  • Auckland International Airport
  • Auckland Hospital
  • Wellington Hospital
  • Te Papa Tongarewa
  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Timber processingIn addition to commercial and institutional buildings, some of the other areas we've worked in:

  • Timber processing (Rainbow Mountain, Laminex and Panpac)
  • Food processing
  • Petrochemicals

Guaranteed savings

institutionalWe guarantee that the savings we identify will be more than our fees for the project. If not, we will refund our fees to the extent of the difference. So far every project has identified more than enough savings to meet the guarantee.

HVAC Optimisation

institutionalThe Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems in commercial buildings usually offer the greatest potential for energy savings. Many, perhaps most, commercial buildings have oversized and poorly controlled HVAC systems, but because they aren't causing major comfort problems there is no attempt to make them perform better. Energy Solutions can identify and help implement major energy savings through a detailed analysis of the performance of the HVAC system.

We have extensive experience in HVAC control systems and the strategies for optimising their performance (in terms of both energy efficiency and service delivered). Our equipment and expertise allow us to do a detailed analysis of the energy use of the HVAC system and uncover the huge energy savings that often exist there.

institutionalHVAC Optimisation typically costs about $5/sq.m for large commercial buildings with computerised building management systems installed, but can depend greatly on the type of HVAC system and controls set-up. This kind of audit is more sophisticated and detailed than a standard energy audit and therefore costs more than an energy audit. However the savings that are identified usually mean that the investment is paid back extremely quickly.

Who needs HVAC Optimisation?

institutionalHVAC Optimisation is only suited to some buildings. For the outcomes to be most effective it needs to be a relatively large building with a substantial HVAC system. The more energy used by the HVAC system, the greater the savings are likely to be. If a basic energy audit has been completed first it should mean the simple energy saving measures have been identified and implemented. The energy audit will assist in establishing a basic understanding of the operation of the HVAC system. This provides the platform from which to start the more in-depth analysis of its performance.

The performance will be much easier to monitor, and energy savings much easier to achieve, if the organisation has an automated system for adjusting the controls of the HVAC system usually called a Building Management System (BMS).

Services / Energy Efficiency Training

Energy Efficiency Training

Energy EfficiencyWe have provided training in energy efficiency and energy management for many commercial and industrial clients in New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia. We are presently providing training for Commercial Building Energy Specialists and Facilities Managers through the Energy Management Association of New Zealand (EMANZ). Details of these programmes are available from the EMANZ website.

Facilities Managers

facilities and maintenanceWe can offer training to commercial / office building facilities and maintenance managers, as well as property owners and property managers on an overview of ISO50001 Energy Management Systems. Other training can be provided on how to manage a property’s energy use and gain a better understanding of the ways to manage and mitigate unnecessary energy use, all with the focus on how to make the building perform more efficiently that can lead to substantial short and long term energy, emissions, and cost savings.

Commercial Building Energy Specialists

technical trainingMore in-depth technical training can be provided to engineers and technicians who work in improving energy efficiency in commercial buildings, from the design stage on. This training covers the latest technology and techniques for best-practice energy management and efficiency for the design, construction and maintenance of commercial buildings.


lighting Training in the following lighting topics can be made available:

  • Light and Vision
  • Lamps
  • Luminaires
  • Interior Lighting Design
  • Lighting Audits
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Day lighting
  • Lighting Controls


Training in the following Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning topics can be made available:
  • Basic HVAC Design
  • Cooling Plant Hardware and Efficiency
  • Boiler Efficiency
  • Boiler Operations
  • Data Centre Energy Efficiency
  • Mechanical Systems Design
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Motor and Drive Efficiency for HVAC
  • Cooling Plant Operational Efficiency
  • Mechanical Systems Commissioning
  • Monitoring and Verification of Energy Savings
  • HVAC Controls Fundamentals
  • HVAC Controls Applications
  • HVAC Controls Diagnostics
  • Continuous Commission of HVAC Controls for Efficiency


Mechanical Systems