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About Us

Our MissionEnergy Solutions Ltd. (ESL) is an energy management consultancy based in Wellington, New Zealand. We save organisations money by reducing their energy consumption. This simultaneously helps them to reduce their pollution emissions (particularly carbon dioxide). Energy Solutions was established in 1993 as a consultancy specialising in energy efficiency improvements. This is different from most energy management consultancies, which focus on tariffs. A number of our customers are Energy Efficiency Award winners, and two have documented energy use reductions of over 25% since working with us. We have extensive energy auditing, metering and logging equipment. We use the state-of-the-art Energy Plus energy design simulation software. We have a regular internal training system, to continually improve our staff knowledge. We are constantly improving our procedures, tools and reports to enable the maximum energy savings for our customers. We aspire to be the most technically sophisticated energy management organisation in the country. To achieve this, Energy Solutions participates in teaching and research in energy management across New Zealand and internationally.

Our Mission

To strategically use and spread the best energy efficiency technologies and information around New Zealand as soon as practicable.

Our Purpose

Our PurposeWe intend to invest our resources into continuously improving our skills and tools to stay as close as possible to the state-of-the-art, to maximise the energy efficiencies we enable.

Our Core Values

  • To conduct our business with total integrity
  • To strive for the highest quality
  • To keep learning and improving
  • To have fun and make a reasonable profit
  • To empower as many people as much as we can
  • To spread valuable, non-confidential information as widely as possible


Money refunded if savings identified are less than our fees.

We guarantee that the savings we identify will be more than our fees for the project. If not, we will refund our fees to the extent of the difference. So far, every project has identified or achieved more than enough savings to meet the guarantee.

Rob Bishop - Technical Director:

Over thirty years’ experience in applying energy saving technologies. Completed over 130 energy audits of commercial and industrial facilities in New Zealand. Accredited energy auditor. Author of five books and many other publications in energy management. Past chairman of New Zealand Energy Management Association. Past president of New Zealand chapter of Australia/New Zealand Solar Energy Society.

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 1977. Bachelor of Science (with Distinction), General Engineering, Harvey Mudd College, 1976.

Shaan Cory – Associate:

Undertaken a small number of energy audits. Part of the energy modelling team in the Building Energy End-Use Study (BEES), developed a calibration procedure for matching energy simulations to real building energy consumption. Currently completing his PhD focussing on retrofitting the New Zealand commercial building stock to be Net Zero Energy. Has taught a post-graduate Building Science course on energy auditing and energy simulation calibration (2013 and 2014). Post-graduate Exchange to University of Reunion Island, 2011.

Honours (first class) in Building Science, Victoria University of Wellington, 2009. Bachelor of Building Science, Victoria University of Wellington, 2008

Guaranteed savings

We guarantee that the savings we identify will be more than our fees for the project. If not, we will refund our fees to the extent of the difference. So far, every project has identified more than enough savings to meet the guarantee.

These are the details of the guarantees:

  • Our audits (Energy Audit and Design Audit) will identify annual savings worth more than our fee (i.e. one-year payback). Energy Solutions guarantees that any energy audit we produce will clearly identify more energy cost savings (each year) than our (one time) fee for the audit. If not, we will promptly refund the excess of our audit fee to make up the difference between guaranteed and identified savings.
    The savings identified will be from changing technologies, behaviours or control settings, compared to how the facility is currently operating. The value of the savings will be calculated explicitly using good practice as understood by the energy auditor accreditation scheme of the New Zealand Energy Management Association, EECA, and New Zealand Standard 3598:2014 "Energy Audits: Part 1 - Commercial Buildings". The savings will be cost effective to the client, with each project recommended having a '"simple payback" of less than 3 years. Because the guaranteed annual savings are at least as large as our fee, you are assured of a maximum "one year payback" for the audit.
  • Our projects will achieve energy savings worth more than our fee. Energy Solutions guarantees that any energy savings projects implemented with our assistance and as a result of our recommendations will be cost-effective. If not, we will promptly refund the excess of our fees (including audit fees) to make up the difference between guaranteed and verified achieved savings. We guarantee that your investment will be cost-effective and that the total investment will show energy savings giving a "simple payback" of under 3 years.
    To assure this, agreement is needed on how to measure the savings. This will normally require us to monitor and verify the on-going energy use for the facility, and correct for the appropriate external factors influencing energy use (for a heating/cooling situation, the outdoor temperature; for a production system, the production quantity). We will use the International (Energy) Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) administered by the Efficiency Valuation Organisation www.evo-world.com as the basis for verifying the savings. We also have to ensure that all projects are designed, installed, commissioned and maintained properly, and often will require some sub-metering to ensure that the savings are being achieved. All these costs are part of the investment that is guaranteed to produce savings.